Monday, July 28, 2014

Londyn update

Londyn's update may sound similar to Skylar's. They are so close in age, have similar interests, and honestly, it's easier to have them in the same activities and on the same team. I don't force it, but if it works out for them, I am thrilled. Anyway, Londyn too had a smooth transition to a new city and new school. She immediately loved her teacher, made new friends and got involved where she could. She survived the pressures of the 3rd grade OCCT test and also managed to get herself in the enrichment program. She had been tested when we were in BA and didn't qualify, which was tough since Skylar was already in the program. When they sent home info this year, I didn't want to pursue it, but she really wanted in, so I figured I would handle the disappointment later and let her try again. Sure enough, she qualified, and was beyond excited. She also managed to earn a few awards from the enrichment class which made Skylar a wee bit jealous. Londyn loves school, more for the social aspect, but doesn't so much love the work that comes along with it. If it interests her, she's all in, but the rest of the time she pretty much has a "good enough" philosophy. It seems to be working for her, so I'm not going to fight it. One of the highlights of her year was working on a Mickey Mantle biography poster for her famous Oklahoman report. We had a great time working on it together, and I was pretty excited about it too!

Londyn is pretty good about helping around the house too, but she likes to get paid. So, she does a great job if there is a financial award, otherwise, she just gets it done. Which, I'll take, for now. She is quite a pack rat though, so that makes keeping her room clean a bit of a problem.

She loves arts and crafts and gymnastics. Neither of which she is formally involved in, but that certainly doesn't stop her. She did gave softball a try as well, she liked it and improved a ton over the season. However, she too, has opted for soccer this fall. We shall see how that goes. She is a natural athlete, quick and aggressive, so I'm anxious to see where she lands in the world of sports. At the same time, I'm still not ready to commit my whole life to running kids around for extra curricular activities.

Since Skylar wanted to try out for the OC musical, Londyn followed suit. She also was selected to participate in the homecoming musical. I think she had fun, but probably won't be excited to do it again anytime soon. She has already decided she wants to go to college there, and is trying to recruit all of her friends.

Londyn also made her debut at camp this year. She was so excited she could hardly contain herself, and she loved it just as much as she thought she would. She has also been excited to spend several weeks in MO with family this summer. She wishes that all of our family from both sides could live together in a commune.

Well, I think that kind of sums up the last year, I'm sure I missed something, but I suppose I can always edit:) I'm equally proud of this one, she is so different from me, constantly challenges me, knows how to push my every button, but loves endlessly and forgives easily. She's kind of awesome!