Monday, July 28, 2014

Last But Not Least....Lincoln

This kid. I don't even know where to begin. He can drive me completely crazy, and make me laugh hysterically all in the same minute. He is the most persistent human I have ever had the opportunity to know, he is obsessed with his dad, is insanely opinionated, a one-upper, lover of sports, shoes, motorcycles, Curious George and Ninja Turtles. He is pickier about his clothes than either of his older sisters and if he could choose, he would be wearing his three piece suit or be dressed like a cowboy. I pick my battles.

He has had a harder time with the move than the girls, and really missed his friends, which I never thought would be a problem. He got to hang out with his one of his best buds everyday at the babysitter in BA, and his other best friend had just moved into our neighborhood, so he has been kind of lost without them. He started a Mother's Day Out for a couple of days a week when we first moved, and ended up at OCA once I started working at OC. He loved that, and is excited to go back this fall. Thankfully, he too, loves school, and works hard to do his best. He is quite a perfectionists and gets frustrated when things don't come easily to him, but he is dedicated enough to figure it out.

Lincoln played tee ball this spring, and loved it. He was disappointed that it wasn't baseball, but he loved finally getting to play on a team. He practices constantly. Seriously, like hours a day. He gets really upset if he is made to come in or someone stops playing with him. It's weird. However, I'm hoping his dedication and love of all things sports will pay off for him someday. For now, he's signed up to give soccer a go this fall.

Lincoln got to spend a week with my parents all by himself for the first time ever while the girls are at camp this summer. He loves getting to hang out in MO, it provided complete freedom for him to play outside, spend time on the farm and hang out with his only boy cousin, Malachi. He loves us, but doesn't like coming home after he's been there for a while. He also doesn't understand why we live so far away when everyone else is there, and sometimes, I don't either:(

For now, we are enjoying the final days of summer, and getting prepared for back to school!

I think that's the gist of what's going on with all the kids, maybe I'll have something else soon, who knows. Or, maybe it will be another year!

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