Saturday, January 28, 2012

Her Actual Birthday

Londyn got an extra special treat this year for her birthday. Kevin's parents made plans to be in town for her big day, and so we all celebrated together. She was on a total sugar high. She took donuts to school, we met her for lunch and brought Charlie's Chicken (at her request) with a big sugar cookie from Merritt's for dessert, and then ate dinner at Ted's followed by another birthday cake. All of her favorites in one day. The girls and Grandaddy waiting for dinner.

Our family with the exception of Skylar who was on the other side of the table.

Londyn with Grandmommy.

Awe, they really do love each other!

Blowing out the candles...I couldn't find them for her party, but thankfully they showed up for the second time around.

She kind of acted like she didn't want them to sing to her, but I could pretty much tell she would have been disappointed had they not, so here she is slightly embarrassed, but feeling special.

Happy Birthday Big Girl! I hope you know enjoyed your day, and know how much you are loved!

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