Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas With the Fredendalls

We completed our Christmas by celebrating with my family Christmas Eve. We had a pretty low key day. We enjoyed a mid afternoon meal, knowing we would just graze the rest of the evening, and then opened presents together. I forced my children to pose for a few pictures, and Mr. Malachi seemed to be in a picture taking mood as well! Really, how cute is he posing with his grandma and great grandma?!?

The kids opening their presents. This box full of packing peanuts was a big hit among the littlest ones! I'm not sure what was in it, but it provided lots of entertainment and a big mess in the end.

There's nothing like bribing the children with a Christmas present to look at the camera and smile! It worked. I think all six eyes are looking, and most of them are smiling. I'm sorry there are not pictures of the men in any of my posts, but they always grumble at me when I try to take their pictures so I've given up. However, they are present at most of our gatherings:)

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