Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Lincoln has not yet conceded to the fact that it is expected that he be happy on all family outings regardless of how tired or hungry he may be so I can take adorable pictures of him. He'll learn.... This is pretty much what I got at any attempted photos of the little man.
He did stop clinging and fussing for a brief moment and I got this one with a pretty good smile.
It required a lot of clapping, cheering and peek-a-boo! The girls know the drill, and have realized it just works out better for everyone if they cooperate. Deep down inside, I think they like it.

This is the best I could get of all three this trip. Londyn had to go to the bathroom, so she couldn't sit still, and Lincoln was really tired and only stopped fussing for brief moments here and there. It was still a fun day. The weather was amazing, and we came home with several pumpkins to help us get ready for fall.

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Brooke said...

Cute pictures! Lincoln will figure it out soon enough...he will basically have no choice with two older sisters.

Alice said...

Your kids are adorable!!

When it comes to taking pictures, I threaten Zack's life :-) Really, it is such a struggle with him. I tell him that the quicker he does what he is asked to do, the quicker he can be done!