Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Break-The Rest of the Story

As I said earlier, we went to MO for fall break to visit my family and my mom had all kinds of activities planned for the kids. Unfortunately, Skylar got strep while we were there, so she wasn't very involved, but she would come join the fun when she felt up to it. The rest of the kids had a blast playing the games and just being together. Bobbing for apples and the Frankenstein walk. Lincoln was adamant about bobbing for apples, he wasn't going to be left out.
The mummy game

The scarecrow dressing contest and the donut chasing game (I'm not sure of the name of that one)

The hayride which is always a family favorite!

The cousins (minus Skylar)

Just the four of us. We definitely missed having Kevin with us. That whole having to work thing is a real bummer:( We still had a great time hanging out with family and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather, not to mention all the great activities!

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