Monday, June 21, 2010

Father/Daughter Banquet

Saturday evening we had a red carpet themed father/daughter banquet at our church. Kevin read the book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters a while back and wanted to do something special to honor the father daughter relationship and decided on the idea of this banquet. It was fun to plan and thanks to several wonderful people, I think it was a success. There was a great turnout. The girls all looked beautiful and felt special getting to have a date with their dads. It was neat seeing fathers and daughters from all age ranges share this special evening. They had appetizers, dinner, and everyone enjoyed filling up a bag of candy from the candy bar. Faith, Tara, Heather, Kendra and Saundra, thank you SO much for all of your help! This is the border that my friend Heather made for the souvenir photos. Perfect I think! Thanks Heather.
Kevin and the girls on the red carpet before the evening began.
Londyn acting a little giddy waiting for everyone to arrive.
Skylar in rare form. This is one of the many poses she struck as she enjoyed her moment on the red carpet!

The girls writing their letters and drawing pictures for their dad.

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Tammy said...

Thank you to you and your helpers for creating this special evening. You really did an outstanding job.