Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belated Father's Day

Father's Day weekend happened to be a very busy one for us, and I'm a little behind on my posting. Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got of the kids and their dad on Father's Day. The girls insisted on making Kevin breakfast in bed and talked to him about it the night before. They asked him what he wanted and then settled for what they were actually able to make themselves. It was pretty sweet. They were up early and ecstatic about making breakfast. However, after they dropped off his breakfast in bed, they requested that I bring them their breakfast in bed as well. I had mentioned several times that we needed to get something for Kevin for Father's Day, and the girls were very offended that I had forgotten about the chapter book that they had written him a month earlier. That was going to be their gift, no questions asked. Lucky Kevin:) Anyway, Skylar informed me that she was writing a chapter book for him because "a lot of times he likes to read chapter books when he' s in the bathroom." How thoughtful! We love you!

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