Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seven Months

Lincoln is seven months old today. I conveniently remembered last night and tried to snap a few pics of him in his pajamas before bed. He is as sweet as ever, and is definitely keeping us busy. He's reading, writing, and practicing his multiplication tables... Ok, maybe he's just sitting around drooling on everything in sight, but we're proud parents nonetheless. The little guy still loves his sisters and likes to be entertained when he is awake. He's finally getting the hang of eating food and has decided he kind of likes it. He likes to sit up and play with his toys occasionally, but is a little more of a people person. He's been drooling for months, but I think a couple of teeth are finally starting to break through. Time is flying, but we're enjoying every minute along the way!

I'm learning a few things about boys, or at least learning what I don't know. I don't know what to do with his hair. When you have girls, you just plop a big ol' bow on their head and go, but with a boy, I have no idea. He has a big patch on the top that looks a bit like a comb over, but I don't know if you cut it, spike it, or what. Therefore, I do nothing with it, and it remains looking a bit dorky. I'm also feeling a bit of remorse for showing no empathy in the past to my friends with boys. I've always heard how small of a selection there is when it comes to clothes for boys, but never really gave it much thought because I was busy buying all the adorable girl clothes I could get could get my hands on. Now, I'm struggling to find boy clothes. They all end up looking the same, and I find myself getting frustrated trying to sift through the girl clothes to find the miniscule section of boy clothes.

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Wendy said...

I always think I have a girl I will not know what to do with their hair! I have never been good at doing my own hair, let alone a girl's! LOL My husband and do ponytails, braids, etc. with our neice, so I think we'll be covered! I completely agree with the clothes thing, too. If you have a son who doesn't like heavy equipment, sports, or puppies then good luck finding something! LOL I hate going into a store and being surrounded by a dozen girl racks and one little boy rack in the middle, I mean, come on! Boys want to look good, too!! LOL

Lincoln is adorable and I think his hair is too! Count your lucky stars, my little man has 3 hair licks and the only hair style that will work is a crew-cut! :(

Jessica said...

when i finally had camden's hair cut a little after his first birthday, i regretted not doing it sooner. i look back at his pictures before then and yes, his hair looked dorky. i wish i would've started "styling" it sooner.

agreed on the boys clothing selection...but summer is fun because really, what little guy doesn't look cute in plaid shorts adn a polo?

Brooke said...

He is so adorable! I miss that big smile and those sweet laughs. He always looks cute, so wherever you are finding his clothes, they are working for him!