Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Overload

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! This is the first Easter in a long time that the weather has cooperated and it actually felt like spring outside. We traveled to Missouri to spend the holiday with my family. The girls had a great time as usual. I apologize for the mass amount of photos. I was trying to make collages, but my computer wasn't cooperating, so I got frustrated and just posted them all as is. Oh, and pictures are all in a crazy order because I couldn't remember what I had and hadn't uploaded. Anyway..... We began the Easter festivities by dying eggs AGAIN!
Lincoln was super excited about his first Easter basket full of goodies.

Lincoln loving on his Great Grandma Del
And of course, the Easter egg hunt...

My niece Anastyn, could she be any cuter? She was pretty serious about the egg hunt.
The girls with their Grammy Tammy The girl cousins after hunting the eggs a few times.

The Easter Bunny came!
My handsome little guy all decked out for church. Playing a little ball before church
The best pic I could get of all the grandkids after church, most of them needing a nap. Hopefully that will get easier in the coming years.
Skylar taking her job of holding Malachi very seriously.

The attempt at a family picture, Lincoln wasn't too thrilled about it.
And last but not least, another trip to the farm to see the cows. They still can't get enough!
The End
(I'm impressed that you made it through all those pictures)

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Wendy said...

I love Lincoln's smile with his Grandma Del. Too cute! Looks like everyone enjoyed the holiday!