Wednesday, April 7, 2010

31 Reasons...

Today is Kevin's 31st Birthday! In honor of his birthday, I've decided to post 31 reasons I love and/or appreciate him, so here goes... (this is going to be long, sorry about that)

1. His first priority in life is to serve God, and his attitude and actions speak to this daily.

2. He is a great dad to our children.

3. He has become a good leader within our family, our church and his job.

4. He helps out around the house without being asked, without complaining, and has actually learned to complete household chores with quality.

5. He helps take care of the kids.

6. He has acquired a good sense of fashion.

7. He understands my need to shop and occasionally gives in.

8. He appreciates (or at least pretends to) the fact that I like to spend time and money decorating our house.

9. His laid back personality compliments my not so laid back personality.

10. He helps me bring in the groceries without being asked.

11. He makes me laugh.

12. He is patient.

13. He will eat anything I put in front of him and never says a negative word about it.

14. He lets me have all the "me" time I need, and never really asks for any of his own.

15. He doesn't call me when I'm out asking when I will be home.

16. He has good taste in music.

17. He's always striving to improve himself in all areas of life.

18. He willingly goes to visit my family whenever I want or need to go.

19. He plays with the kids like I never could.

20. He's always nice to other people.

21. When we watch a movie together, he always let's me watch a romantic comedy if I want to.

22. I think he's pretty cute. (Maybe he would prefer I say handsome, hot....whatever, you get the idea)

23. He's not picky about anything which makes him the easiest person to shop for on everyone's Christmas list.

24. He will go shopping with me.

25. He drives like a grandpa, so I always feel safe when we're on the road.

26. He puts our needs and wants ahead of his own.

27. He can't sleep through the sound of a crying baby, so most of the time, it's him who had to get up in the middle of the night.

28. When he's at home he is usually making good use of his time. He tries to avoid doing things that annoy me.

29. He is nice to me even when I'm fat and moody.

30. He rarely ever gets upset or angry with anyone.

31. I love that he's going to enjoy reading all these great things about himself so much that he won't even notice that I didn't get him a real present yet!

Happy 31st Birthday Kevin!


Kevin said...

Thanks! You are too kind. I love you too!

Wendy said...

That's cute, especially #31!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin!! I hope you have had a GREAT day!!