Saturday, April 24, 2010

Built-In Babysitters

There's nothing like a natural disaster to bring the family closer together, even when it's a fake one! Kevin had a breakfast to attend this morning, so the kids and I were hanging out at the house enjoying a Saturday morning. I decided to try to get a few chores done, and the girls thoroughly enjoyed keeping Lincoln occupied. I checked on them a couple of times, and they informed me they were playing "tornado". They entertained themselves for quite some time, and Lincoln couldn't have been happier. He was thinking he was pretty cool hanging with the big kids.
For a change of scenery and Lincoln's need to eat, they moved the party downstairs while Lincoln enjoyed a bottle and the girls played a few games of slap jack all while never leaving his side. These girls take their responsibility as big sisters quite seriously, and I have to say, that it works out quite nicely for me.

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