Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strep-Round 3

Sunday afternoon Skylar starting not feeling well again, so I took her to the doctor Monday morning, and sure enough, she had strep for the third time since October. Today she is finally feeling a little better, no fever, but she still complains of a headache and says her neck hurts. Poor baby girl. However, I must say she was cracking me up at the doctor's office. They had to swab her throat, and she was not being at all cooperative. I had to hold her down which is quite unusual for Skylar. Of course while the doctor and nurse are in the room, she's completely mute, but as soon as they left, she went off. She was mad about that whole swabbing thing. She says "I don't know why they call it throat tickling, there is nothing that tickles about it. They should call it throat hurting." Then she proceeds to say "Why do I always get sick? I started eating my carrots, I eat chicken and protein, and I hardly ever eat candy. I only have sucker once in a while for dessert." I feel sorry for the poor girl, she does try to do all the right things. She is also frustrated that Londyn isn't sick and she doesn't eat healthy. Londyn is frustrated that Skylar gets to stay home, and she has to go to school. It's just a no win situation for everybody. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be up to par, and no one else will get it.

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Jessica said...

Strep must be having its way with kiddos nephews have been passing strep back and forth for a few weeks now.

Brooke said...

She is just too cute. I love how grown-up she sounds, especially eating her protein! What a sweetie, hope she is feeling better soon! Love you all! How appropriate,my word verification is bless!

Erin said...

I hate that sweet little Skylar is sick again! Give her a hug and tell her to feel better soon!

Strep has been going around my school like crazy, along with the flu and stomach viruses. Paxton had RSV a few weeks ago; Jon had a bad case of strep about 2 weeks ago; and now I have an ear infection. Tis the season for sickness, I guess.

Ryan and Tracy said...

Lilly knows how she feels. She spent all weekend with a fever. Too miserable to play, eat or sleep. She just wanted to be held as she snuggled and moaned.