Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been trying to post a few pics all week, but blogger has not been very cooperative. Anyway, I really don't have much to post about considering we don't do much these days, but these were a few pics I snapped around the house of the girls. Grandma, I thought you may be having withdrawals. This first photo is the bath and body works shaping soap exploding in the bath. It hadn't worked at all for quite some time, but tonight when the girls were bathing, it starting shooting foam and didn't stop until it was empty. The girls were screaming at first, but then had a great time. My bathroom still smells disgustingly blueberries.
The girls were dancing around to a little country music, but that wasn't enough, so they had to grab their princess cowgirl hats to add to the fun.
Italic The favorite new craze around the Lawrene house is grooving to All the Single Ladies. Skylar had a friend at school that taught her the song. She loved it, so she came home and taught it to Londyn and they came up with a few choreographed moves. They both start out scrunched on the floor, leap up turn around to start their show. It cracks me up. It reminds me of my sister and I when we were little, coming up with these dorky dances to songs. The pose above happens to be the "shoulda put a ring on her" part, which is Skylar's favorite part of the song.


Grandma Del said...

I love the pictures. They look like they are having a ball

Melinda said...

Great pics! How have you been feeling? Been thinking about you and your little "peanut".

Jessica said...

i love the "single ladies" dance...that's so funny. i need girls someday to entertain me like that.

Devin said...

Melinda-I have been feeling ok, just really tired. I'm pretty much in bed by 8PM. I'm hoping I'll be feeling better in a couple weeks.