Friday, October 7, 2011

Our First Camping Trip-The Campfire

We may be the only campers that use duraflame fire logs to start a camp fire, but you know, whatever works. (And just so you know, we didn't go out and buy these logs, they were left over from last winter's storm) However, we figured out these are not actually supposed to be used for cooking, so if you were thinking it was a good idea, it wasn't. It didn't work. I mean, it started the fire, but if you try to roast a hot dog using a duraflame log, it starts to look a little odd. Odd enough for smart people like us to stop and not let our children eat the roasted hot dogs. We then read the warnings on the side, and sure enough, they're not to be used for cooking. Next time we'll go the traditional route and learn to start a real camp fire with lighter fluid and actual wood.

The boy downed three cold hot dogs before I could get even one roasted for him! He must have been starving.

Lincoln was not so interested in the smores, but was quite excited about the Hershey's bar.

Skylar was practicing her creative photography skills, she apparently likes this diagonal angle.

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