Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our First Camping Adventure-Bedtime

The girls couldn't wait to get their pajamas on and sit by the fire. So here they are in their eclectic evening wear.

Kevin and Lincoln singing This Little Light of Mine! I've said before, the boy needs routine.

The girls trying to get in a game of uno before heading to bed.

Londyn bundled up and ready for a fun night in the tent!

Skylar trying to get warm before crashing for the night.

And one of the final pictures from our trip cuddling on daddy's lap trying to stay warm on chilly morning. Lucky for you, this is the final camping trip post! We really had a great time! Not because everything was perfect, we were completely prepared, or had any idea what we were doing. We had zero expectation, and were just focused on spending time having fun together! It worked! I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed our one night camping adventure!

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