Saturday, September 3, 2011

It Looked So Easy...

My girls are always wanting to make something crafty. If you've read this blog for long, or know me personally, you know it's not really my thing. However, in order to appease my children I occasionally oblige. Now, crafting is not my thing, but I LOVE baking! (and yes, I know this project didn't really involve baking, but was along the food line.) When I saw this little project in the Family Fun magazine, I thought that it looked easy enough, maybe we could pull it off. (Why ever would I think such a thing? I thought I had learned my lesson by now.) We picked up the few ingredients when we were at the grocery store, and got started right when we got home. We gathered our ingredients and started putting the oreos on the sticks. The girls were having a great time! And then came the dipping. That was a disaster. The oreos kept falling off the sticks and crumbling into the red dipping stuff turning what were supposed to look like cute smooth apples into a crumbly mess. After about 5 tries, I started trying to spoon on the red dipping stuff and spread it which was far more work than I had bargained for and was not super effective.

Anyway, we did the best we could with what we had, and ended up with these beauties! Not so cute, not so easy, and not recommended if you aren't naturally good at this kind of thing. I'm not trying to be discouraging, I'm just saying... Skylar and Londyn were not at all disappointed, they thought they were perfect! They begged to take some to their teachers for the first day of school. The slightly obsessive perfectionist in me just couldn't allow it. I had to make up some lame excuse about teachers not being able to eat homemade items or something like that. (I wanted to tell them that if you take your teacher that poisonous looking oreo dipped apple thing they will hate you for the rest of the year. ) I think they got the hint I thought they were ugly. I hope they weren't scarred for life. A little slap of reality now and then never hurt anyone, right?

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Alice said...

oh you should have let them take those! They were so cute and the kids made them. You could have slipped a little handwritten note that said "I had nothing to do with the making of these oreo apples!" LOL!!