Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lincoln as an Only

As I said in the previous post, Lincoln got to experience a few days of being an only child. I really thought he would miss his sisters. I'm sure he did, but he also thoroughly enjoyed the attention he received. I was shocked that I hadn't realized how much of my attention was diverted to the girls even when I thought I was giving him my attention. We had a great time hanging out. He insisted on sitting in his chair to eat and insisted on an extended dinner time each evening. He became very fond of syrup...on everything.

But really, is he te cutest thing ever, or what?

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Alice said...

He is too cute. Zack always gets sad when he thinks of Colton being an "only" when he is in college. And Em too. I always remind him that means he will just have to visit us ALL the time :-)