Thursday, November 18, 2010

Because I Love Him..

And because being entertained and trying to entertain this little guy is where most of our extra time and energy is exerted which leaves me with a lack of anything else to post.
"Sure mom, I'll stand, but I'm not going to walk, don't you even try to make me. Walking is overrated anyway. I can get where I need to go just fine by crawling, and you know that if I'm moving to0 slow one of my sisters will come scoop me up and carry me around. So, just in case you havent noticed mom, I'm not interested! " -Lincoln

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Alice said...

He is so cute!! How funny that he won't walk yet. I have a feeling Colton won't walk because of his brother and sister picking him up and wagging him around all the time too. I guess I'm guilty of picking him up a lot also...oops!

Anna said...

I love his outfit.