Sunday, September 26, 2010

A "Monster" Failure

A.K.A. Lincoln's First Birthday PartyWell, first birthdays can be a little akward anyway, but when the baby of honor is under the weather, it's even worse. He has been running a fever the last couple of days due to ear infections, but I had high hopes that he would be feeling better by today. I don't know why, it is a Lawrence family tradition that if you are turning one, you will be ill. This has been the case now for all 3 of my children. Anyway, Lincoln wasn't having anything to do with cake, balloons, presents or anything else birthday related. The pictures below are the best I could do. He would not sit on his own, and wouldn't give me anything that even resembled a grin. So, maybe next year's birthday will be a little more fun for the birthday boy! (and the rest of us) Thanks anyway to all of you that came out to celebrate with us, we appreciate it, and Lincoln will soon be feeling better and realize how much he LOVES all of his new toys!

We saved his smash cake, so maybe we'll try again when he is feeling better.

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Brooke said...

I love the title! LOL! Poor Lincoln, he was still a very handsome birthday boy! We had a great weekend, so good celebrating with everyone. Love you all!