Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln

Although I am very excited about the fact that Lincoln is getting older and learning to do all kinds of new things everyday, I am a little sad that my final baby has reached the one year mark. He has passed up the newborn and infant stages and well on his way to being a toddler. As a one year old, Lincoln is eating like a man. He LOVES his food, and demands it when it's time. He is still easy going, and his eyes still light up when he sees his sisters enter the room. Sometimes he likes to tease Kevin and I on who he is going to go to. Other times, he prefers Kevin, and when I try to hug or kiss Kevin while he's being held, he'll give me his angry face and push me away. If it weren't so cute, I might be offended. He has developed quite a personality, and is attempting to say several words. He definitely is a boy that wants to be heard. He likes to play in his room with his toys and about the only time he will sit still is when he is listening to a bedtime story. It has been a great year! Happy one year Lincoln! We love you!

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Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! It is very hard to believe it has already been a year! Love that little guy so much, can't wait to see you all this weekend!