Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top O' The Morning

Yes, I know that St. Patrick's Day was yesterday, but you're still feeling a little green, aren't you? I'm not sure at what point St. Patrick's Day became a celebrated holiday around the Lawrence house, but this year, it definitely got some recognition. I was pinched before I even got out of bed, and hard. I rolled over to see Skylar already dressed in her shamrock shirt and on a mission to find anyone not sporting the color of the day. She and Londyn then concocted a plan to request green eggs for breakfast. I happily obliged, and while we were playing with the food coloring, I figured we might as well enjoy a little green milk as well. Mmmm... tasty don't you think? I think if I colored all the food I contemplated putting in my mouth I may actually be able to lose a little weight. They on the other hand, ate every bite... I may be onto something here.

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Brooke said...

You're such a good mommy! I didn't even get a shirt for Anastyn! I am sure they had a blast eating and drinking their green food! Love you all and I am so excited to see you all for Easter!