Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Know Better...

Really, I do. I know that when something is advertised as Incredible Kids Day, Super Kids Day, Kid Fest, it is in my best interest to just stay away. I'm not a fan of crowds, long lines, or any unnecessary hassle. I'm all about convenience. I know what causes me stress and anxiety, and I do my best to avoid those things. Well, apparently today was Incredible Kids Day in Tulsa, and the zoo was on the list of discounted venues. It was seriously only a $2.00 discount off of a child's ticket. I didn't think that was enough of a deal to lure in the massive crowd. However, I suppose that combined with it being a beautiful day the week of spring break made it an irresistible day to head to the Tulsa Zoo. As soon as we turned in to Mohawk park, I knew it was going to be bad. The lines were out to the street, and we had to park forever away from the actual zoo entrance. At that point, it's not like you can really say "Hey kids, never mind, we are NOT going to the zoo", so we decided to make the most of it. Despite the enormous amount of people and the lack of food available for purchase, we had a pretty good day. It was absolutley gorgeous outside, we got to hang out with our friends and managed to get some excercise. I tried to snap a few pictures, but it's getting more difficult as I'm still adjusting to outings with a baby and no free hands. Lincoln and his best bud Brody hanging out during lunch.
An attempt of my three together, Lincoln hoping for mercy
The elephant encounter above, and the turtle below. It always amazes me that of the variety of animals found at the zoo, the ducks, turtles, etc. never get old and always seem to fascinate my kids.
Waiting in line....
I don't know what they were all looking at through this telescope thing, but they all had to have a turn.
Hope you are enjoying your spring break, and this fabulous weather.

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Kevin said...

Looks like fun!

Meagan said...

I think it was even worse when we went on Friday! It took us an hour just to get from the highway to the parking lot! I have never seen so many people at the zoo! I like it better when it's dead! It was quite nerve-wracking!