Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Whole Lot of Christmas

The family before church this morning, I couldn't love them more.
Lincoln's solo shot documenting the near 3 month mark. Is that even possible? He's a big, happy boy, and I don't believe any child is perfect, but he is about as good of a baby as I could ask for. He sleeps through the night, only fusses when he's hungry or tired, and loves to giggle, coo, and snuggle.

Gavin, Skylar and Londyn enjoying a little hot cocoa after dinner.

Best buds Lincoln and Brody practicing their serious look. The boys are exactly 1 month apart, and their other best friend will arrive tomorrow around 8:00AM.

Skylar at her Christmas performance. I have several photos, but they all pretty much look the same. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Londyn's party because my class was making gingerbread houses that day. Kevin went, but I had the camera. I will be so glad when we are all in the same building next year.

Kendra and I on our tacky Christmas day at school. We tied for first. I love that, try as I might, the only contest I can win is one for being tacky. Go figure! It's shocking what a person will do for a couple of bucks. I borrowed April's sweater from my party last weekend. (Thanks April). Funny thing is, one of the teachers told me she actually owns this sweater!

And then I added skinny jeans onto my unflattering figure, these fabulous Christmas toe socks, and the peep toe, leopard print heels.

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Brooke said...

I L.O.V.E. the pictures of the kids. Lincoln is so precious! What a perfect little poser, he knows how to please his mama! The girls look precious, I love their dresses. And the picture of the "boys" is too cute, those faces were cracking me up, it is the classic "I'm a boy and I don't smile for pictures" look. That seems to run in our family, you know!