Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey, Santa!

So, not the best Santa photo ever, but no one is crying, so I'm good. I really don't enjoy the Santa visit each year, and my kids could pretty much care less. However, I always feel like it's one of those things that makes Christmas complete. Neither of them even told him anything they wanted. We rushed in, snapped a photo and ran out. Until this weekend, none of my children had any requests, they wanted to be surprised. Then I came home Saturday, and they had a massive list that they placed in the mailbox. Fabulous! I hate to tell you girls, but Santa's done shopping, and you will be surprised, since nothing on your list will be found under the tree. No real chihuahuas, computers or cell phones. Just how old do they think they are anyway?

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Brooke said...

I wish Anastyn could have gotten in on this pic. I don't even know if we are going to try again, I really don't see her giving in to sit on his lap, or go ANYWHERE near him for that matter!

Jessica said...

this looks like the utica square santa whose lap camden sat on last year! :)

Devin said...

Good call Jessica, it is the Utica Square Santa!