Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah.....

Nothing interesting to say in this post, just thought I'd update you on the reasons for my lack of blogging in case you care to know. First of all our internet has been on again off again for the last few weeks, even before the move. Our wireless hasn't worked at all, and the dial up service was occasional. I'm not very good at being stationary, so I have found this to be rather annoying. Then, my computer cord broke that charges the computer, and we were too cheap to buy a new one. Following those mishaps, I've been packing, moving, and now I've taken on the daunting task of unpacking. (And for the record, we are never moving again.) It's way too much work. Oh, and some where in there I've been taking care of Lincoln and trying to make sure that the girls have clean clothes and are on top of things at school. It's worked out ok so far, but I think the last few weeks is finally catching up with me. I'm wiped completely out, and have a long way to go to get this house in order. I'm only telling you all of this, because I have commitment issues, and if I feel like I should be doing something that I'm not, I need to offer an explanation. Yes, I know you don't actually care if I post one more picture of my children for you to view, it's all me:) So anyway, I'm going to stop yapping, and try to post about the fact that Lincoln is already one month old!

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