Friday, May 25, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

So, even though I wasn't teaching full-time this year, I was equally excited when the last day of school rolled around!  I LOVE summer!  I like having no obligations and just coming and going each day as we please.  Add to that, beautiful weather and an excuse to eat ice cream, and there just isn't anything better.  We have our usual summer travel plans to visit the extended family, but a couple of weeks here at home to just savor our time together and be bums.  The first two days with everyone home have gone beautifully.  I told the girls they had to take care of a few neglected chores before we could do anything fun. They got busy first thing Thursday and spent the whole day cleaning, organizing and reminiscing in their room. I worked on the downstairs and the laundry,a nd Lincoln "helped" us all.  We had a very successful day.  We did take a mid morning break for some donuts, but other than that, we just worked on getting a few things in order.  Today was equally as enjoyable.  We took care of a few daily chores around the house, and then headed to the library to begin the summer reading program.  After our visit to the library we had lunch out and came home to read.  The girls spent some time reading to Lincoln, and when he went down for a nap, they both snuggled up and read for most of the afternoon.  I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but it was just what we needed to kick off the weekend super relaxed and ready to play. So, I thought it would be fun to see how the girls compared to their first day of school pics, but I can't really see that much difference.  Other than they were a lot hotter and sweatier after school on the last day than before school on the first day. Oh, and due to my inconsistent photography, they look smaller now than they did then.  Oh well!  It was a nice thought:) 

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