Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I certainly did!  I am always a little sad that I don't usually get to spend the day with my mother, but I always love spending it with my kids.  Kevin has learned to spoil me with a nice gift, and the girls always make me something really special. This year they both made something for me at school. Skylar made a portrait of me, and a fill in the blank page with different things about me. It was pretty fun to read.  One of the items to fill in asked about something I always say. She responded "How was school today?"  I told her I am glad she put that, but was a little surprised that she didn't put something like clean your room, take the clothes upstairs, etc.  She hates it when I mention those things to her and frequently tells me that I ask her everyday. She informed me that her teacher told them they had to write something nice. I'm thankful for sweet teachers that know mother's appreciate hearing nice things on Mother's Day! Londyn made a self portrait with out of torn paper, and lots of cards and signs that said wonderful things about me.  It was nice reading those while I ate breakfast in bed:)  We ate lunch at Shogun, a Hibachi steakhouse, which the kids have been waiting to return to for a year now. We went last Easter, and they all loved it. Lincoln was particularly intrigued by the fire! I had a beautiful day, and couldn't be more proud to be the mother of the three most precious kids I know.  I feel extremely blessed to be their mother, and am impressed how each of them can awe me every single day! 
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