Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Dinosaur, Really?

Trying to use a comparison to teach my children a lesson has proved ineffective, or at least insulting. Londyn is forever picking Lincoln up and carrying him around. She really just can't keep her hands off of him. I was trying to tell her that it was dangerous for her to pick him up because he weighs almost as much as she does and they could both get hurt. Our conversation started something like this:

Me: Londyn, you can't keep picking up Lincoln. He weighs almost 30 pounds. You only weigh 40 pounds, that is more than half your size. That is like me trying to pick up.....

Londyn: A Dinosaur?!?!

Kevin is always telling me to learn to finish my sentences. I'm beginning to think I should put a little more effort into doing that for more reasons that one, but really, a dinosaur. A Dinosaur! Or better yet, I should probably put a little more effort into losing those extra holiday pounds that are hanging around. Maybe then, my daughter wouldn't think I weighed more than a dinosaur.

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Alice said...

She probably meant a little teeny tiny baby dinosaur because you are no means a big girl. At all!

I have to get on to Emilee ALL the time...she is teeny tiny and she is always picking up McKenna to give her piggy back rides and sometimes she even picks up Zackary. She and Londyn must be the "mother" types!