Monday, January 17, 2011

Blowing Kisses

You can't actually tell in any of these photos that he can blow a kiss because he was just too fast for me. We have misplaced our flip video, and so I tried to catch him blowing the most adorable kisses with my camera before we went to church Wednesday night, but I didn't have much luck. He makes a really loud smacking noise and waves. He does it over and over. At school they told me when he lays down, he blows kisses from his cot telling everyone "night,night". Kisses or not, I thought he was pretty adorable, so I posted the pics anyway. He's quite the ham, and doesn't mind having his picture taken at all. I love how each month he comes more into his personality and life around here gets a little easier. He is starting to say several words, and in general knows what you are saying even though he can't always communicate it back. He still loves attention, and is a huge cuddler.

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Brooke said...

Very cute! I can't wait to get a kiss blown from him, he is too cute!