Sunday, May 9, 2010


Finally, a Saturday that I got spend the day just hanging out with my kids. No prior committments, no demanding errands, just a day of fun with the family. We started out the morning by going to the Rooster Days parade which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I pulled my camera out to take a few pics, but soon realized that I left my camera card in the computer, so no parade pics. We did however have a lot of fun. It was a little cooler than usual, but it wasn't too bad. The girls enjoyed the popcorn, ice cream and other goodies that were handed out. Lincoln wasn't all that interested, but get in a little people watching. From there, we went out to lunch and headed to Philbrook Museum for their Free 2nd Saturday program. We went once last year, and had intended to go back, but it never worked out. But, yet again, the girls had a great time participating in all the art activities that were available. I really wanted to go so I could get a few good pictures of the kids in the amazing Philbrook gardens. That didn't even come close to happening, but we still had a great day together.
The girls showing off their butterflies Skylar painting her pond
Londyn painting her garden
The three of us and our paintings (please excuse my odd look, I was having contact issues)
Lonyn painting her box car. This last project was a little more than I had bargained for. There is some art car box parade next weekend, so one of the projects was creating a car for this event. She wanted to create a garden on her box car, so whatever.
They rolled down the hill a few times And yet another failed attempt at a good pic of my three children. This three child thing makes the picture taking feat really difficult. Trying to be out and about at a time that Lincoln is awake, fed and happy and the girls are interested in cooperating has proved to be quite challenging. What is important is that we had a great time together laughing, eating, painting and playing, right?

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Kristi Vrooman said...

The members of the Lawrence family never look bad in photos! I love the three different expressions. Just seeing these kids makes me so happy. :)