Saturday, September 26, 2009

Six Years Old

Today we celebrated Skylar's 6th birthday with my family. We opted for a small family party due to the many things going on right now. She was perfectly pleased, and had a great time playing with her sister and cousin and being spoiled by her grandmas, aunts and uncles. (maybe a little by her parents too)

The last six years have flown by! It has been so much fun watching Skylar's personality develop and change. She is an amazing little girl with a lot of great qualities and a few quirks:) In the last year she has learned to read, and has fallen in love with school. She sleeps with books and her backpack in arms reach. She is organized, disciplined and extremely literal. She loves to draw, color, and do anything crafty. She likes to make us laugh, and is eager to please. Happy 6th Birthday Skylar, we love you!

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April said...

I love how all the presents are wrapped to match her outfit and darn cute. I love the hat.

Meagan said...

Devin, that's such a darling cake! Where did you get it?

Devin said...

Thanks! The cake is from Merritt's.

Jessica said...

i second april's comment...the color coordinated presents, outfit, and hat are just riciculously cute!