Monday, February 9, 2009

Can You Hear Me?

I know most of you don't actually care about the girls' doctor visits, so if you don't, you can skip this post. I have just not done a very good job about keeping track of their information, so I thought the blog would be a great way to do that. So, here's the doctor info.....Today I took the girls to the doctor for their annual well checks. We started with a new pediatrician that was really thorough. The girls did really well as Skylar got one shot, and poor Londyn had to endure four. Skylar for some reason loves getting shots. I think it's because it makes her feel brave. Anyway, I told her she wasn't going to get a shot and she was disapointed. Much to her delight, I was wrong, and she ended up getting one little shot while at the doctor. Londyn wasn't so excited about hers, but she barely cried and acted like a very big girl. The spoiled rotten little girls talked me into buying them milkshakes on the way back to their school. I couldn't resist. On a not so good note, we found out that Skylar can't hear out of her right ear, which took me by complete surprise. She does currently have an ear infection, so hopefully that is the cause and it's just temporary. There was also a lot of fluid in her ears that also seemed to be a problem. We will be visiting the doctor again in about four weeks to see if her hearing has improved. I'm praying that's the case and it's nothing major. As far as the other doctory things, they were perfectly healthy. Londyn weighs 33lbs 1oz which is the 33%, her height is 39.5 in which is the 44%. Skylar is a little on the small side, she weighs 35lbs 1oz which is the 10%, she is 41.4 in which is the 15%. Isn't that great, they are four and five years old, and I finally have recorded their growth information. Am I a great mom or what?

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Jessica said...

hopefully it is just complications from the ear infection...we'll be thinking of her.