Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Despite recital day being rather busy, the kids found a little time in the morning to play together. They absolutely love being together, and could entertain the adults for hours with their playful antics.

What's a lone boy to do among all the girl cousins? Be the daddy, of course! That's the story we're going with anyway!

Grandma Del brought her new dog, Cotton, and the girls couldn't get enough of him.

Sweet little Natalie taking in all the action around her.

Lincoln is a real lover. He LOVES babies, and all the girls. He's quite the ladies man.

My girls and Anastyn eager to take photos in our pajamas. It's a fight to get them to be in pictures when we're all dressed up, but when we're in our pj's and I'm not wearing make-up, they're all about a photo shoot! Go figure:)

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